Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Journey to Change

by Kai-Shanet Blackwood

As an officer for the year 2016-2017, I have learned about myself and been able to hone useful
skills. I had a rocky start, but I think I came a long way after being absent for about a month. I did not fully understand the magnitude of my position on the team and was frequently confused about what I had to do. I finally grasped that I had to keep track of what goes on within the team and aid in the preparation of events as my position described.

I am naturally a person who doesn’t push people or force things to happen unless everyone is okay with it but I learned as time went by that I won’t get much done with that type of mentality. In particular, I didn’t solidify an agenda for the semester over the summer because I was waiting for the other officers to confirm whether or not they agreed. After a meeting I had with my advisor, she clarified certain things. She suggested I make a checklist for every event so that I am more organized, share the agenda with the other officers to ensure someone else has an idea of what to do and set dates, times and locations and confirm for myself because that’s my job. So far, I had to learned from my mistakes and learn from others as possible to correct myself. I am trying to use my position as a stepping stone for me to improve my interpersonal skills, communication skills, time management skills and leadership skills without fear because I want to get the best out of this opportunity and use these skills in other aspects of my life.

As the Vice President of programming and events I enjoy thinking of ways to get students more involved in the organization, planning different events and hearing suggestions from others. I wish we could have done more events this semester but at least I can start planning for next semester to have more events. I enjoy working and hanging out with other officers because we are now really good friends. Being an officer is definitely a learning process and I am improving as time goes by. My hope is that when I have completed my tenure as an officer I will be able to plan events and that I will be a more efficient leader.

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