Thursday, November 3, 2016

Growing toward the vision

by Hyun Lee

By being an officer at Phi Theta Kappa, I have met many individuals with potential. The motivation and inspiration that I get from the community that we have is a gift. Starting with the nine Alpha Theta Phi officer team members to all the regular and non-regular volunteers who work together for the wellbeing of our chapter, we are on our way to creating a new vision of coming together. As the president of the PTK, the family is what I wanted us to be and here we are now.

The workshops that the officer team has completed with Professor Singh helped us become strong leaders and create the unity among the chapter officers. Because of this, we were able to come together during the Spring II semester to research the HIA (Honors In Action) project which concentrates on individualism and collectivism. Dr. Doctor and Ann Matsuuchi, who are the other advisors for our chapter, guided us with the previous experience of the projects so, we were able to settle down with a specific research question. Through this process, we all grew as critical thinkers.

My favorite meetings are the HIA meetings. During the process, each one of us had to bring a source and our opinions to it to share with others every week. I liked the process because we weren’t only restricted to scholarly articles such as academic journals, we were allowed to use documentaries and movies. Moreover, I felt as if the time flew by because of the lively discussion we had. I always walked out of the meeting with a new questions and curiosity. Committing to the project wasn’t an effort because I was doing it for my joy. We held the main HIA event on October 27, 2016. I was proud that we were able to successfully finish the event and receive positive feedback from the members who attended the meeting. What keeps me motivated and happy is the smile that I see in each member.

Because all of our efforts, PTK’s awareness throughout the campus is increasing. Our workshops and meetings are run by the officers and volunteers. Taking a leadership position is a new experience for many of us, so we are learning as we go along. We are trying to include all our PTK members in our team since I wish everyone could share our vision and become a family. PTK gave me the opportunity to improve myself and strive to become a well-rounded individual. We hope that you will take advantage of what our Alpha Theta Phi chapter offers you, just as we did. 

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