Thursday, November 24, 2016

Keynote Speaker Experience

By Diana Gil Barona

I do not tend to watch or hear motivational speeches because all they are trying to do is sell a product or trying to influence the way someone acts or behaves; however, in our regional HIA conference in Rochester, NY, I had the  opportunity to listen to Justin Fosu-Jone who more than giving a normal, boring speech trying to convince his audience, he gave an interactive, heart warming speech. The way he presented his material made the audience feel related to it and willing to interact in the different activities he had during his presentation, from walking around the room to acting and singing.

He spoke about four different kinds of personalities which are expressive, drivers, amiable and analytics. The expressive tend to challenge the reality and inspire people to think outside of the box. The drivers prefer take over relationships, they also like to have a To-Do list and get things done on time. This type of personality loves to be in charge; therefore, it is the best type for a leader position. The amiable prefer relationships over tasks, and this leads to a closer relationship with the people around them. They also like to make people feel included in any task they are leading. And last but not least, the analytics are the ones that spend more time thinking about all the possibilities, doing more research and finding statistics if possible. They are worry about not getting thing completely right; therefore, they do not start working on their projects until they have all the possible information together. Even though some people have seen or heard this information before, by giving examples and relating it to our daily lives helped to find his speech much more exciting.

This topic is related to our HIA project for this year. Part of discovering who you are is finding what kind of personality you have. Also, the different personalities within a group can result beneficial for the society because they could balance each other and get the best out of everyone.

Overall, I had a great time hearing this speaker and gained a lot of information to help me in life. Also, he taught us a lesson of always doing the best out of every moment despite how bad it is. We should always keep a good attitude and that would make a difference in your life and probably in the life of the people around you.

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