Thursday, November 3, 2016

My first and last PTK conference

by Tsewang Rinzin

While it was a long journey traveling from Queens New York to the city of Rochester, it was worth it. The three days of the Honors in Action Conference, from Friday, November 28 to Sunday, November 30th, were definitely a great learning experience. The host college, Monroe Community College had done a wonderful job hosting the event. And I am fortunate to meet very curious, inspiring future leaders. Students like Lekita Stenson from Mohawk Valley Community College is truly inspiring. Lakita, on top of being Vice president of leadership in her PTK chapter, is also a full-time student. She also takes care of her children.

In addition to the lectures from the authors, scholars, and speakers, we also got a chance to take part in two fellowships. The first fellowship was sponsored by Regional Officers and Zeta. Most of us were exhausted from the long day, but this fellowship really energized us. We were assigned multiple activities which we have to complete as a team. And the fun part is that we were timed. While time is ticking, we all rushed back and forth to help each other. I particularly enjoyed the activity where we were assigned to stake a plastic cup to make a plastic castle. But the trick is that we are only allowed to use one finger. I find it very silly but also great fun us borrowing out fingers. We managed to stake plastic castle in less than two minutes which is pretty impressive! And after the fellowship, they served us delicious pizza. Which was very rewarding.

After our first fellowship, we were provided with the resources to make ourselves a mask for masquerade ball for the following day. Growing up, I never got a chance to attend kindergarten, therefore, designing our masks with glue and scissors fulfilled one of my desires to become a kid again. Although I spent a great amount of my energy making my mask, I wasn’t able to produce a satisfying mask. Therefore I didn't have a mask to wear to the masquerade ball the next day. But regardless, I had a great time at the masquerade ball. It was the first time in my life that I attended such an event. It is beautiful to see students expressing themselves with very creative masks and customs. There was one student in particular who wore surgeons scrubs which I found very funny. There was also student masquerading as a calculator and cowboy, among others. It was truly a memorable experience. Although this will be my first and last conference with PTK but I am forever grateful for being able to attend this particular event.

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