Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My mission statement

by Chokey Tenzin

In my collective culture, we are taught to always respect our elders, which can be a good thing but not so much when we are expected to follow instructions without asking any questions. As a result, I grew up to speak only when I’m being spoken to. Coming to America at the age of 14 was quite an adjustment, the culture was completely opposite to my own. Since arriving, I’ve learned that you tend to fall behind when you don’t speak up or ask questions. So, I had to change that perspective because I felt that I was alienating myself from various growth opportunities such as networking with people and sharing ideas. Now, as a college student, I’m still learning to find myself to try new things and be confident to speak up for what I believe in.

After I graduate from LaGuardia in fall 2017, I plan to continue my education, and simultaneously work at a law firm, where I can gain hands on experience. Once I have my Bachelor's Degree, I would like to further continue to earn a Juris Degree (JD). Only after I pass the bar exam I can begin to practice law. The reason I want to be a lawyer is because I think it’s so powerful how the law affects everyone’s lives. I want to make a difference by being the voice that helps those who struggle or have been mistreated and oppressed. I want to be a part of the system to create the change I want to see in our society.

I believe by joining the PTK I will be one step closer to becoming the person I want to become. The resources and scholarship programs offered in PTK will be a great experience for me to meet with students and mentors who share similar interest for the need to continue learning and improving, which will enhance my interpersonal, communication and leadership skills as well as give me an opportunity to further my education and pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer.

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