Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Becoming a Part of PTK

by Dong Ju Lee
My name is Dong Ju Lee, a current student at LaGuardia Community College studying Business Administration. I believe that I am an individual who is driven by motivation and rooted in inspiration. I strive to become a better student every day by putting in my best effort to get closer to achieving my goals. My short term goal is to transfer to Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College for a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, and my long term goal is to attend NYU or Columbia University for an MBA in Finance. With the opportunities that the PTK Honor Society provides, I strongly believe that it will help me to advance myself as a student, and exponentially grow as a person. Two years ago, I was faced with a devastating situation as a student. Financial hardships disallowed me to continue school, and that had only made me want to attend school more. The restrictions to higher my education helped me to work harder as a student, and I now think that was a great learning experience. I always strive to improve myself as a person to become a better fit for the society. I believe that with the benefits such as online courses, scholarship opportunities, and involvement in the community will allow me to achieve all of my goals. I know that the opportunity of becoming a part of PTK is not granted to just anyone but if given the chance, I will put in my best effort in my abilities to be an active member. In the remaining studies I have left at LaGuardia, I would like to devote myself in activities such as food drive, and volunteer events to involve in the community and school to be of help in any way. 

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