Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Achieving My Dream

By Yuqing Guo
I believe that when one door shuts, another opens. For my past life experience, I think I was lucky because every time I failed to do the things that I tried to do and felt depressed, there would be a favorable turn to help me overcome those obstacles. Today, I am struggling with financial problems and then my invitation to join Phi Theta Kappa materialized. Receiving a Foundation Scholarship to pay for my membership fee for PTK is a favorable turn because it is stressful for me to pay tuition, and I am eager to graduate from LaGuardia Community College quickly and get my Associate Degree in Nursing.
People said that living in New York is not easy. When I saw my savings balance decreasing and my expenditures of living in New York increasing, I felt very stressed about paying my tuition. As an adult, I feel ashamed of asking my parents for financial support all the time, so I wanted to find my own way to pay for my expenses. Moreover, there are a lot of limitations on international students, making it difficult to support ourselves.
I feel grateful for receiving the invitation from PTK. I am a good student who studies hard and is never absent from any classes. I am convinced that the benefits of PTK will improve my communication skills in English. Also I am able to get help from advisors and mentors, and scholarship support, which make me have more confidence to achieve my goal, eventually becoming a nurse.

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