Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner: Keynote Speaker for PTK Catalyst

By Soleil Griffin
Since this is going to be my 4th conference with the Alpha Theta Phi chapter, I’m a bit excited of how thing are going to turn out. During my previous experience we were introduced to about five keynote speakers. Out of the five, both Justin Fosu-Jones and Dr. Elizabeth Johnston stood out to me the most. When I heard that the PTK Catalyst conference will also have keynote speakers, I knew it would be a great opportunity to learn more information. From the five keynote speaker listed for the Nashville conference, I’m really excited to hear from Phi Theta Kappa’s President and CEO Dr. Tincher-Ladner.
According to the PTK website, Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner joined the Phi Theta Kappa staff in 2012 as the Chief Information and Research Officer. She later served as Interim Executive Director until receiving the permanent appointment in 2016 by the Phi Theta Kappa Board of Directors. As a person who spent over 23-years in high education, I’m intrigued by how she focused on areas such as strategic planning, economic impact, institutional research, and student advisement.
Her being heavily involved with Phi Theta Kappa prior to getting a position with the organization is truly inspiring. As a person who moved up the ranks in our chapters officer team, she proves anything is possible when being in PTK. Thus, I can’t wait to hear her full story as to why she chose to work with the PTK organization while moving up the ranks in becoming both CEO and President of such a prestigious organization.
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