Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PTK: Developing Well-Rounded Leaders

By Soleil Griffin
Being a member and appointed officer of the Alpha Theta Phi chapter has been an enjoyable experience. Throughout my time participating in the planning process of the HIA project, PTK has been a vital component in enhancing my leadership ability and organizational skills. I’ve noticed that the skills that I developed in the course of 7 months have been transferable when it came to my marketing internship. Since being a part of the PTK program, I’ve been able to pay close attention to detail which gives me leverage when it comes to my job responsibility.
Prior to officially joining PTK, I participated in leadership training workshops that one of the advisors held. During the workshop it gave me the tools to boost my confidence and take the initiative to engage with the officer team. The training also came in handy when I had to help coordinate the Honors in Action Project. Since I wasn’t comfortable with delegating tasks to people, the trainings did help elevate my anxiety. Now that I feel comfortable speaking and delegating task to my peers, I’ve been looking for more ways to connect with member so that they would consider PTK as a family.
Thus, being a part of PTK and the Alpha Theta Phi chapter has strengthened me in many ways. Without this experience I won’t have been able to recognize my true potential as a leader. If any non-member had any doubts in joining PTK, I would convince them otherwise. Since having this opportunity it enabled me to become more involved on campus and develop skills that I couldn't have imagined. If students took a chance in being more engaged with everything PTK has to offer, they will learn that it’s not just an honors society but a way to become a well-rounded individual.  

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