Tuesday, February 28, 2017

PTK Hallmarks & Opportunities

By Akampreet Kaur

Phi Theta Kappa builds necessary characteristics in community college students who have high expectations and are open to challenges. The four PTK hallmarks include Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship. These hallmarks encourage students to continue their academic achievement and personal development.

All of these hallmarks made a big impact on me individually due to the many opportunities I got to experience as an active volunteer. Participation matters a lot in PTK because it can help build up your leadership and fellowship qualities. As an active member, I learned what a leader does and the importance of being one. One of the events I volunteered for was the food drive where I helped collect cans that was donated to Single Stop for the winter holidays. As the current secretary, I was in charge of the Fellowship and Leadership General meetings. It was a good opportunity to be in charge of an event and coming up with an idea of how we could give back back to our fellow Phi Theta Kappans. For the fellowship, me and my team decided to do a scavenger hunt around campus to let students know the resources available for them and in return, the fastest players to find the resources received free tickets to see a play by LaGuardia students. I learned the importance of time management by being there for my team. When you are given a task, you have many people depending on you which helps build trust. As a leader, you get to guide others and help them achieve something they might not have been able to do without support.
PTK offers many opportunities throughout the semester to help the LaGuardia community. You will also get many chances to be a leader. For instance, leading an icebreaker, doing a group activity, or sharing an idea or a personal experience will help develop your leadership qualities at some level. A little difference can go a big way to create endless possibilities. At our general membership meetings members get many opportunities to share their voices to help create an outcome. We all have something to offer our fellow peers and PTK makes it possible to share our insights with others. You can volunteer for a food drive or just help organize an event nonetheless, you will be helping someone. PTK is a great place to start if you are someone willing to give your time and effort to help create a better community.

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