Monday, February 27, 2017

The value of PTK

by Dipa Rai

Phi Theta Kappa’s main mission is to recognize academic achievement of college students as well as to provide opportunities to grow as scholars and leaders. PTK provides opportunities for students to grow professionally day by day. As per my personal experience, it has changed my personality in many ways. I got an opportunity to build my skills such as public speaking, soft skills and challenge my own abilities. For example, I used to be a shy person before but after being involved in PTK as a Chapter Media Officer and working in a team has changed my personality. I have to express myself, share my ideas whenever we work in team and I have to be able to share and talk about PTK to new students. This has helped myself to be more open in front of people and interact with them. Ptk allowed me time to work and develop these skills with guidance from my peers and advisors. Communication with the team, advisors, members, developing a habit of listening to others ideas, understanding their perspective, practicing critical thinking, being respectful, team building and collaboration within a team are some of the skills that PTK has helped me to develop.

No matter what background you come from, Phi Theta Kappa helps you achieve more. It helps you establish a foundation for your academic and professional career. If you only have a very good and strong base for anything it will help you build and develop more in the future. As for an example, when you start building a house of your own you first start establishing the base for it. You tend to build the base very strong If your base of the house if strong enough then only you can move forward building it and the main important thing is that your house will last long and wont be easily affected. Likewise, Phi Theta Kappa provides an opportunity to create a foundation for your future career. It helps you build your interpersonal skills, skills that you need to have for your professional life and as well as for your academic career as well which leads to achieve more in upcoming days. These things will help every individual to be prepared for their career in the future.

You will have access to $37 million of scholarship when you transfer. But the value of PTK is not only about getting scholarships. As personal experience, I do not value PTK for their scholarships. It is really a good deal about getting grant for scholarships. I think and feel that there are many more other qualities of Phi Theta Kappa rather than just having an access to different types of scholarship schemes. Getting an opportunity to meet motivating, energizing young leaders from around the globe with their own perspectives changes will help your ability to think critically. Not depending only on one single person's idea or what they think, engaging with other people helps to come up with a great and sustainable solution for anything. As a result, this will help to develop your decision making process and grow maturely.

Fellowship, community service, leadership skills are also some of the values and quality of PTK which are really important factor for learning experiences. You will endeavor to develop all these learning experiences for your life time. As for an example, by doing community service, it will help to engage human beings with the community, create special bonds with the population who are being served and increases social awareness as well as responsibility. This helps to make a positive impact to the community. Therefore, I strongly feel that the value PTK is not only about getting scholarships. Its about life learning experiences which helps us to make and bring positive changes in our community. PTK is an opportunity waiting for you to start a journey and reach a milestone in your life! Therefore, join PTK and DARE TO DO MORE!

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