Thursday, March 30, 2017

Benefits of PTK

By Manjeet Chapagai

For most of the students of the today’s world, what holds more importance in their life is going to the college regularly, getting good grades and graduating with a dashing GPA. But being a graduate with good grades is not the end of the struggle, rather is the beginning of the real struggle as one must present oneself in the real world and compete with the real expertise of that field. For that, one must have good communication and a leadership skills and most importantly can work as a team with the different people having different opinions. So, to develop such skills from this stage of life itself, one can’t get better opportunity than becoming the member of the prestigious society like Phi Theta Kappa which already has four hallmarks of leaderships, fellowship, scholarship and service.

To be one of the member out of three million people of about thirteen hundred colleges is itself a matter of great honor for me. Moreover, being the member of such society will help me communicate with not only people from United States but with the people from all around the world. Becoming the member of such society and actively participating for the society will help me discover the wide range of the scholarships provided by its member colleges not only in United States but all over the world. This can prove as one of the greatest platforms for people like me, who came as an international student with the hope of developing the good career in United States. Being the member of the society will help me meet with the people who went through same struggling phase like me. Also, I will get an opportunity to communicate with them about all the problems and get the possible solution which could be important in providing motivation and help me to put a step forward in achieving my goal.

There are whole lot of benefits one can experience being the member of PTK and achieving one's career goals. However, what holds more value in your life is more important than anything and when it comes to me developing my communication and leadership skills, these are the most important. I think PTK is one of the best platforms for me to develop that communication and leadership skills. So, I want to be the part of one of the prestigious and prominent society, the Phi Theta Kappa. 

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