Thursday, March 9, 2017

Regional Conference at Albany!

by Dipa Rai

This was my second time attending a PTK conference. I along with my team we went to Albany for our Regional Conference. It was an amazing experience overall. This time I felt little more comfortable being around with people than the last time as most of them people were from last conference. Maybe because of this I was more calm and relaxed this time. The schedule was not hectic in comparison to last time.  And the most important part that I enjoyed was the award ceremony where we also won the award for "Five Star Chapter Award" including 1st runner up for outstanding HIA award, Leadership award, Fellowship award and Digital Media award. We hoped for the trophy but unfortunately we couldn't make it which was sad. But I really hope and wish that our upcoming team will definitely make it. :)

Talking about the workshop sessions this time there were only three particular workshops besides group discussion.  The second workshop session caught my attention and I joined that workshop. Later I realized the maximum number of the students were in this workshop including my own chapter fellow members with me because I thought the topic was interesting to all of us; the topic was "What kind of leader are you?". The other workshop session was about the HIA project and the basics of Phi Theta Kappa. The workshop was led by Lauren who is the former regional president. Even though I thought the topic was catchy, I felt that the workshop content was not that interesting. I had expected a little more from this workshop. Everything presented was just basic stuff about leadership that we had already learned in our own chapter.

                                                      Lauren leading the workshop.

The workshop was basically just verbal presentation. Lauren tried her best to interact with all the attendees. She gave some of the examples of influential leaders and talked about their personalities. To improve this workshop, she could have planned small activities such as us pretending to be a leader or simply making us shout out ways a leader could improve so all of us could get a chance to share since it was a big group. May be a power point presentation also would have been better and organized in a way.

However, the entire conference was great overall. Meeting young aspiring leaders motivated me and made me realize that we are the ones to act as a catalyst for positive impact in our community, nation and whole entire world. So we must be more active and engaged in our community and I think PTK is one of the best platforms for everyone of us to do so. PTK has given opportunities to young aspiring leaders to show their leadership skills and act together in a team for a positive change. Every chapter at the conference presented about their service to the community like fundraising and sending the proceeds to the needy ones out there or creating awareness in the community. For example, Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) presented about genetically modified organisms (GMOs) which I and fellow participants were unaware of. Likewise, Monroe Community College did a research project regarding healthy diet habits and actually created a book pamphlet for making healthy foods. So, these chapters' leaders created awareness in the community for a positive change.

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