Friday, June 23, 2017

Striving for Success

by Phaedra Manning

PTK will help me move on forward to pursue my career in Criminal Justice. It will allow me to be more of a leader than I already am and will help me to lead others in the path to success. With the help of my peers and faculty, I will be able to make connections and get different scholarships that will allow me to pursue my bachelor's at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I am a first generation college student and this is my freshman year. This opportunity to be a part of PTK will not only show that an immigrant like me can achieve her goals but motivate and push my limits to become even more successful in life.

This organization is not only one for scholars to overwork themselves or go to their full potential but ia one that allows you to make connections. It also enables you to become a well rounded person and offers lifelong learning skills and voluntary opportunities that will be encountered at some point in life. For me, the skills that I will gain will allow me to become a much better person than I am today. It will also develop my way of thinking and communicating with people from different backgrounds that I have probably not have had a chance to really understand.

With all of this comes great responsibility and so I will be able to lead not only my peers from this organization but also my peers that are outside of this organization. I will be able to take what I will learn from PTK to encourage, nourish and nurture others to build a better future for themselves. Encouragement does a lot. So instead of having negative influence from elsewhere, the positive will have an impact as I will be able to connect with whatever is important to that certain individual.

Overall, I know that PTK members will be there for individuals through thick and thin. Whether it means finding resources for different individuals or marking them look at the bright side of things. You never know what a person situation is unless they open up to you. You also never know the story one hundred percent, even if they open up to you because life is complicated and there is always two sides to a story. So with PTK being for Scholars, it is also for uplifting and trying to connect the dots. I hope my journey with PTk will be life changing as it will help me correct some of my flaws.

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