Friday, October 20, 2017

Leadership Development and Scholarship Opportunities Through PTK

by Sanjib Lamichhane

When I volunteered in Induction Ceremony of Alpha Theta Phi chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) at LaGuardia Community College, I was glad to see how highly motivated scholars and co-operative mentors were working to make the event successful. I was less updated about the organization’s events; however, I have always wanted to be a member of the Honor Society. Because I did not know how it works, I was reluctant to get into it. But as soon as I spent few hours volunteering at the Induction Ceremony, it did not take much time for me to admit this is where I belong.

Being an aspiring leader in Tech Ecosystem, I want to be a Tech Entrepreneur and use my knowledge to benefit less privileged people in the society. That’s my ultimate goal of life. There are people in my home country, Nepal, who live in hardship in absence of geographically compatible technologies. Meanwhile, the Government of Nepal is primarily focused on institutionalizing Democracy, thereby less prioritizing the tech industry, I want to help the Government by taking a lead to invent technologies exclusively designed for the mountainous country like Nepal. In order to achieve this goal, I believe, PTK honor society will help me access potential scholarship opportunities to attend one of the competitive schools in the States.

I am inspired by the officers of the society who explained the benefits of being in the society. One of the things I like about the society is that I would be able to access numerous transfer scholarship opportunities just by being a member of the society. In addition, I would be able to master my soft skills and leadership attitude, which is possible through the Five Star Competitive Edge program. The society would provide me opportunities to participate in leadership, service and fellowship programming. Moreover, becoming an officer, participating in a leadership training course, participating in Honors in Action project, helping to organize club fair, etc. will all add up to personal growth. I am so excited to join PTK honor society as it also provides me a space to cooperate with a pool of intellectual people.  

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