Friday, December 1, 2017

PTK: An Identity

by Purushottam Bajagai
I remember my high school teacher who always used to say that one cannot be considered smart only because he is intelligent or is good in studies; he should be active both inside and outside the class. She used to motivate us to participate in various activities so we could be smarter. When I joined LaGuardia, I was very nervous not only because it was a new place, but also because I was worried about studying at a college. I had a fear that I could not cope with the college level studies. So, in the beginning of the semester, I focused myself only on my studies.
Now, after receiving the invitation from the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK), I feel very happy not only because I am able to be a part of such a great family, but also because it has made me realize that I have been doing well in my studies.
By allowing students to be involved in various activities, PTK provides an opportunity to meet the intellectual and highly motivated group of people. Meeting and sharing ideas with each other helps students like me stay encouraged to do innovative things constantly. Different conferences and fairs organized by the PTK chapter are very informative which is a great platform for students who are willing to learn new things.
Recently, I attended a PTK leadership challenge which was mainly focused on the discussion about success. Several PTK members spoke about their meaning of success and their way of getting closer to it. In the meeting, we discussed the challenges we face every single day. Due to the ongoing mid-term in the college and its pressure on me, I was feeling weak and depressed. After the meeting, I felt very motivated and relaxed. I learned the ways to stay positive, be strong and get ready for the challenges. So, being involved in such PTK meetings, students like me can be confident and get ready for the challenges.
Also, PTK helps some students to transfer to senior colleges and universities by providing transfer scholarship. Such scholarship becomes very helpful when students are planning to transfer to big universities and colleges. The inclusion of a student in PTK community itself is the greatest aspect of the program. It creates a unique and valuable identity for a student. It becomes one of the most important factors considered when a student is evaluated. Like my high school teacher’s statement, membership in PTK shows that the student is active both inside and outside the class, and proves the student to be smarter.

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