Monday, February 26, 2018

Daveed Diggs at the 2018 PTK International Conference

By Hephzibah Oluwanusi

The Catalyst—Phi Theta Kappa’s annual convention—is an once-in-a-lifetime experience, as described by previous PTK members who had the privilege to attend this prestigious conference. Students like me will have the chance to hear from well-known and recognized speakers, such as Daveed Diggs, about their areas of interest and experiences, with the goal of inspiring action and promoting the pursuit of knowledge. I am confident that Daveed Diggs talk will be one of the most fascinating ones, primarily because of his diverse, rich experience in the education and entertainment industry. Although it is hard to predict what his talk will concentrate on, I expect to hear about his journey to fame and success—how he managed to overcome barriers and the tough, complex decisions he encountered. Daveed had the chance to work alongside influential individuals, and sharing how these interactions altered his point of view will be an interesting segment to hear.

Furthermore, Daveed Diggs has a history that is not often discussed—the will to break stereotypes and prove everyone wrong. Being from a racially mixed family, he often encountered dead ends and rejections from prominent producers; however, his talent and determination to succeed proved everyone wrong. An unwavering resolve to stand for what he believes led him to the path of today, and, addressing this part of his life to the diverse audience will help spread awareness for equality and provoke change—which is so desperately needed in our political and socio economic sectors.

Reading up on Daveed Diggs, I have learned so much about him.  He is a person who follows his passion and likes to incorporate his passion and vision into every project he gets involved in. I believe that Daveed’s presence at the convention would be inspiring to us students, as he is someone who apologetically pursues his dreams. Not only would he share his experiences but he would also motivate us to put passion into every project and activity we get involved in. Catalyst 2018, marks an important milestone, a hundred years of Phi Theta Kappa, and there is no better time than this to have such inspiration speakers to initiate a conference to be remembered for years to come.

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