Monday, February 26, 2018


by Lhamu Dolma Hyolmo

Competitive Edge is a professional deve
lopment course designed especially for Phi Theta Kappa scholars to develop and strengthen their knowledge of soft skills. It is really important for students to have these skills in order to achieve career goals and succeed in life. This competitive edge challenge is divided into five stages where you’ll be working on your communication skills, research skills, emotional intelligence, professional etiquette etc. through videos and quizzes and it is known as Five Star Competitive Edge Challenge.

Upon completion of each stage, you qualify for a star and you have to finish the first stage to get into another one. This is an online based course and you can take as much time as you need to complete it. You'll be valued as a five-star member and also get the opportunity to request a certificate and put it on your resume and buy a five-star member pin.

The first stage is about the importance of reflection and reading habits. You'll have to watch a few videos and answer the quizzes. The video will be about the way we define success and the growth mindset of people. Also, you are required to keep a journal and make a career development plan.

The second stage is on critical thinking and reading skills. You'll also be quizzed on this, as well as your grammar skills. You'll have to work on your emotional intelligence skills at this stage and also start to look for your research topic from the given list.

The third stage helps you strengthen your writing skills and gives you more knowledge about interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. "The 4 A's of Responding to Customer Criticism" is an article which provides you a lesson regarding how to deal with people in a professional work environment. Apart from that, you are required to collect five newspaper articles to support your research topic.

The fourth stage provides you knowledge regarding professional etiquette. It does not only talk about how to dress and how to present yourself but also about social media etiquette which is very much important to know in this technological era. Furthermore, you are required to complete your research.

The fifth stage is about the importance of research and different ways to perform academic and professional research. In addition, several videos are provided to you where you can learn how to find and evaluate different credible sources. This stage also discusses how to overcome your anxiety, make a presentation and your body language. This is the final stage where you will be uploading your research for your final assessment and getting an edge as a five-star member.

From my own personal experience, I’d say that Competitive Edge is something that you must do. I am a full-time student and I took a month to complete my competitive edge as I had to give equal time for all my courses as well. I really enjoyed this course because I got to learn so many things starting with small details as to how to dress and eat and talk and it went to an advanced level where it teaches us to do research and make the presentation in a professional way. The best thing about this course is that you can take as much time as you need and you can also review it anytime.Therefore, I'd recommend taking full advantage of this course to strengthen your knowledge and be a proud five-star member.

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